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E-Commerce/ Electronic-Commerce refers to buying & selling goods/services using the internet, money and data transfer is also featured in e-commerce platforms, not only makes it easy to sell and buy but also makes transactions secured. It facilitates to compare and learn more about the specifications of the variety of products and services around the world.

The E-Commerce has risen dramatically in the recent years. In today’s generation e-commerce is a prominent platform that is chosen over old ways, making e-commerce hold more than 70% of the market. Get such a great platform, designed and developed by our passionate team and make your services/goods reach all around the world, creating a world-class online business with our e-commerce solution.

The variety of e-commerce platforms developed at Kretoss are:

  • Shopify:

    Shopify is a hosted solution and extremely popular and simple to use platform, allowing anyone to set up their own online store or convert their existing physical store to an online store. You can sell any products using this platform, the products might be as small as a pin to any big appliance. The most trending online stores are clothing, electronic appliances, food, travels and many more.

    This is a suitable platform for small to medium size stores. Since it is a hosted solution, it provides greater speed and does not make you wait to load the page, a multi-channel marketing enables reach out better in the market. Enroll with us to get your shopify websites and applications.

  • Magento:

    Magento is an open source e-commerce platform developed using PHP/ Hypertext processor, a server scripting language giving an opportunity for endless custom possibilities over design and operation and makes you take utmost advantages of online channels. It is a self-hosted solution thereby providing you full control over your choice of servers and hosting.

    This type of platform is most preferred by medium to large size online stores. Magento is robust which supports online stores of a huge volume of products and services. It is also excellent for small stores, having future expansion plans. Enroll with us and get your custom Magento websites and applications.

  • WordPress:

    WordPress is an open-source website design platform written using PHP and uses MySQL (Structured Query Language) database management. It is the most powerful and easiest blogging and website CMS (Content Management system).

    It is an excellent platform that enables us to create any type of dynamic websites you want: a business website, a personal portfolio, a magazine or news websites, a real estate or property listing website, a photo blog, an online community or even a network of websites. It also features plugins and template systems. Due to its flexible nature, it is able to develop and maintain fast and easy to use websites. And today WordPress takes over 36% of the entire web.

    Enroll with us to get a dynamic flexible fast and reliable WordPress based website.

  • Opencart:

    Opencart is an open-source online store management system written using PHP and uses MySQL enables creating a shopping cart system that is designed to be featured lavish and user-friendly platform with a wide range of features. Opencart is an “out of the box” type pre-developed shopping software solution. It features multi-language, multi-payment, multi-currency, multi-seller and multi-store platform making it a more flexible and more user-friendly interface.

    Opencart is also a module-based wherein it facilitates the extension function to the users as per their store requirements. Enroll with us to get this flexible and rich featured website.

  • Custom Development.

    Custom development is designing, developing and maintaining a customized software for specific people or for a group of users within an organization which address the needs with particular contents required for the users and organization.

    These kinds of websites/software have several benefits as these are custom software with only required features. It makes no unnecessary complications in the system which makes it light and easy to use. User interface plays a major role in development of software as it is directly proportional to the efficiency and productivity of the system. Enroll with us for these custom developed interfaces and enhance your business growth through it.

We are ready to meet your needs.

As a website design and development service provider, we at Kretoss provide our customers the best in class websites. The challenges during design and development are enormous, to overcome the complications incurred we work with our own developed methodologies which makes us unique.

No matter what business you are into, if you want to reach out to the world via the internet through online stores, we make it happen for you with our excellence and make you thrive through online channels creating world-class online business platforms.

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